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Your Future Counts - your wealth journey by life stage

Following is a snapshot of key financial planning considerations at each life stage. Each life stage has important considerations and working with a professional ensure that you can take a holistic approach so that each stage can build upon each other so that you can have the lifestyle and future of your dreams.  So, whether you are just starting your first job, or buying your first car or getting ready to buy your first home, increasing your superannuation or getting ready to retire, our financial advisers can help you make an informed decision and guide you through the process.

Don't just trust your financial future to anyone, come and see us at SMC Advisers and get the advice to reach your  short and long term goals. It's always good to seek out professional financial advice as we can make the whole process easier, ensure you are informed and kept informed so you make good financial decisions.

At SMC Advisers, we work with you to develop a full financial plan tailored to your risk profile to ensure all your financial decisions and behaviours are coordinated in one plan, as opposed to an ad-hoc approach to deliver your financial and lifestyle goals.

Take a look at the life stages below and see where you and your family are in the financial planning life cycle.  Are you on track to meeting your lifestyle goals?

1 Young and Single
• Goal setting
• First job managing income
• Protecting your income and assets
• Lifestyle expenses, education, travel
• Paying rent or first home saving plan
• Planning for future savings
• First investments savings plan

2 In a Relationship
• Goal setting
• Sustaining long term investment and superannuation/SMSFs
• Starting a family
• Buying a home
• Protecting your income and assets
• Buying a car
• Lifestyle expectations
• Estate Planning

3 Relationship/ With Young Children
• Goal setting
• Planning strategies for superannuation/SMSFs
• Children's education
• Finance – mortgage, car, renovations
• Investment strategies
• Government allowances
• Retirement goals
• Estate Planning
• Protecting your family 

4 Relationship/With Adult Children
• Goal setting
• Superannuation strategies/SMSFs
• Retirement strategies
• Paying off the mortgage and contribute to superannuation
• Protecting your income and assets
• investment strategies
• Retirement goals
• Top retirement mistakes
• Estate Planning
• Transition to Retirement
• Protecting your family – are you someone's plan B?

5 Retired
• Goal setting
• Superannuation and pensions
• Reverse mortgages
• Estate Planning
• Centrelink
• Upgrading the car
• Aged Care Planning
• Protecting your income and assets
• Downsizing your home 

Business Owners
• Superannuation opportunities/SMSFs
• Employee benefits
• Business insurance
• Business loans
• Equipment finance & leasing
• Succession planning and managing business risk